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Coolest Wedding Halloween Cake Idea

I make this Homemade Wedding Halloween Cake Idea for my wedding which was on Halloween. We were going to just have a Halloween party and decided at the last minute to get married. I wish I had a little bit more time to make the cake look perfect. It took me about 3 days to make the cake.

The cake base is Styrofoam spray painted black and then covered in peat moss. I went to the dollar store and got some skeletons and tombstone statues. I hot glued the stuff to the base. I found the iron gate at a flee market, paid about $4.00 for it then found it on eBay for about $65.00. There is also a dragon oil burner under the cake base which was the first gift I gave my husband when we started dated.

I was going to put dry ice in it for a cool effect. The cake base I also painted black and the tiers are spot spray painted for a kind of marble look and I put peat moss on the tiers to make it looked a little ages. The ghost hanging from the cake base I bought at Walgreens for about 2.50, it is a necklace and I hot glued it to the base. It had three blinking effects.

I put some cardboard under the cake. I used 10,8,6 inch X 3inch Wilton cake pans, 2 each. I made a white cake and added red food dye. I covered it in white cream cheese icing and the red dripping coming down the cake is corn syrup, red food coloring and water. It was a little thick, kind of reminded me of a candy corn on top. I just heated it up and poured it on top of each layer of the cake.

I had a evil Alice in wonderland kind of theme for my wedding so to tie that in I added the king and queen of hearts to the top using wire and super glue. Everyone loved the cake. When we moved it to the reception location the cake kind of started to lean from where they put the cake base in the Styrofoam to much.

Homemade Wedding Halloween Cake Idea

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