Coolest Winnie The Pooh Cake

I made this Winnie The Pooh cake for my grandson’s 1st birthday. The inspiration behind it is that when he was born my daughter and grandson were sent home 4 hours after he was born as there were no beds available at the hospital. Instead of going home they came to my house. When we laid our new grandson down for a sleep I layed my 9 year old’s Winnie The Pooh pillow next to him. From that day forward the Winnie The Pooh pillow has become his best friend. He looks for it every time he visits.

When he saw his friend as a cake the look on his face was priceless. Everyone loved it and were surprised to hear this was my first time doing a novelty cake. I freehand drew a copy of the pillow on white baking paper then used that to cut out the shape and to guide me on what to define. I made 2 roasting dish size banana cakes, which are my family favorite. I used butter icing, colored as required, as this was the easiest thing to spread and give texture.

Licorice & black soft lollies were used for face parts. Piping was done using the small tubes of colored icing that are available from your supermarket. Because of the size of this cake I used a large box turned upside down and covered it in tinfoil.

This cake is possible by anyone. Trust me if I can make this then so can you. My grandson is now nearly 3 and still loves his Winnie The Pooh pillow.

Homemade Winnie The Pooh Cake

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