Breathtaking Wizard of Oz Cake

I discovered my love of baking a few years ago when my kids were in elementary school. Every holiday I would make something cute for their class, and the expressions in my kids and their classmates’ faces were priceless. It gave me lots of joy to be able to put a smile on their faces. I made a variety of treats, brownies, cookies , cake pops and cakes. Each project was an “experiment”-it was fun for me to try different recipes and different techniques. After all, that’s the only way you can learn, through trial and error.

For the past two years, I had made the choir cake for the class. This year,my older daughter was in the play Wizard of Oz. The play was a favorite movie of mine, and I knew I had to volunteer to make the cake for their cast party. Every cake has been a challenge for me, different techniques I just learned from watching YouTube videos. I always loved working with modeling chocolate, since the kids liked the taste more than fondant.

First I baked 2 9×13 butter cakes, and trimmed it so it would fit a square cake board. I also baked a separate 6 inch round cake.  About a week before, I made the rainbow using white modeling chocolate, dying a portion of  different colors of the rainbow, red ,orange, yellow, green, indigo, and violet. Then for each color, I rolled it up thin and snake like, shaped it like an arch, then connected each color together. I ended up cutting the rainbow’s height  down, because it kept flopping, even though it was placed in refrigerator to harden. So the rainbow was supported with some small toothpicks behind it to help keep it standing up.

For emerald city, I bought packs of chocolate pralines, mixed together green and white melting chocolate to make it a light green color, dipped the pralines in melted chocolate, then in a bowl with emerald green and light green sanding sugar, sprinkled it on top of the chocolate pralines.  I broke some pieces in half so the castle can have different heights. The different colored green sanding sugar made it look like emerald city was sparkling.  I put the dipped pralines in a short glass cup for it to dry. As for frosting, I used light green butter cream icing, iced the whole cake with it, and put the round 6 in section on one corner of the cake, and frosted it also.

For the yellow brick road, I used yellow modeling chocolate and made brick marks to make it more realistic and paint gold dust on road to make it sparkly. Shaped it so it can lead to emerald city.  After frosting whole cake, placed pirouline crackers on top of round cake and varied the heights and made sure it they were closely snuggled next to each other to get the right effect. then added rainbow at the end and used star tip to make red poppies around emerald city. The kids and teachers just loved it! They were impressed by how it looked and the teachers appreciated the time and effort I put into making the cake. I wanted the cake to look beautiful and breathtaking and I’m glad the school loved it.

Breathtaking Wizard of Oz Cake

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