Coolest Wizards and Dragons Cake

Well, to find the perfect cake to make for your daughter, she was adamant she wanted a Halloween party so I thought to do a purple Wizards and Dragons Cake would keep it girly and would be a challenge. Well it turned out quite well.

The cake I made from Tinkies, put several in a row to make the body of the dragon which was then iced with butter icing coloured purple. The dragon’s head, feet and tail where made of plastic icing as well the wizard. To keep it all together used toothpicks so that your character does not fall over.

To add a bit of sparkle I used silver dust and cut out stars with a cookie cutter and painted with edible silver paint. Well the kids loved it! and the party was a hit. Inspiration came from books where I took a wizard cake and a dragon cake and put the two together. I thought it was a good combination.

Be careful to get the colours right when mixing butter icing and then to get the plastic icing the same colour, can be challenging but at the end of the day the kids loved it anyway, nothing was left!

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