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Coolest Wonder Pets Birthday Cake

My best friend asked me to make a Wonder Pets Birthday Cake for her daughter’s second birthday. I made a 3-tier yellow cake with butter cream frosting. I made marshmallow fondant in my stand mixer and colored it with light blue icing color. This was the first time I made my own fondant and it came out so good! It was very easy and so much tastier than the box stuff.

I colored more fondant with yellow, royal blue and red icing color to use for the accent pieces. I covered each tier with the light blue fondant and made little balls out of the yellow fondant, which I used as a border around each tier. I made the Wonder Pets logo out of fondant using biscuit cutters and a picture that I found online. I learned the biscuit cutter tip from another baker on this site. I bought the figurines online and my husband drilled small holes in the bottom of each so I could put toothpicks in them. The toothpicks helped secure the figurines in place. They were heavier than I thought they’d be, so I ended up having an indentation on the side of my cake from trying to secure the duck.

Lastly, I used my alphabet cutters and red fondant to do all of the lettering.

Homemade Wonder Pets Birthday Cake

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