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Coolest Wonder Pets Birthday Cake

I created this Wonder Pets Birthday Cake for a little girl’s 2nd birthday. Her father contacted me and asked me to create a cake based on a picture he saw on the Internet. I tried to duplicate it as best as I could. In my opinion, it came out better than what he wanted.

The Wonder Pets flag was the only challenge in this cake. I didn’t like the flag that was on the picture he sent me. I wanted to make it more authentic-looking. I hand-carved the W for the flag — aiming for it to look like the official Wonder Pets logo. It took me about 4 times before I got it right.

For the white part of the flag — which I wanted to be edible too — I first attempted for it to be made all of fondant, but when it dried and I picked it up, it weighed about 5 pounds. I knew that it would never stand up on the cake. So, I cut a paper bag into the shape of the flag and wrapped a very thin piece of fondant around it and then stuck the Wonder Pets logo on it. That seemed to work!

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