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Cool Homemade Wonder Pets Flyboat Cake

The Wonder Pets are adorable, so I couldn’t wait to do this Wonder Pets Flyboat cake. Followed instructions for the most part off the Nickjr.com party site with my own twists.

I baked a mix in 9″ spring form pan. Cut in half and filled with frosting, then tipped on it’s side to frost like crazy (I still didn’t use enough)! Liquified some blue tinted frosting in the microwave and poured over mini donuts. Once cooled, I stuck them into the cake with toothpicks and placed yellow chewy sweetarts on for the centers. Also chewy sweetarts for the lights on the side.

Hand colored some craft sticks to make the mast, then attached a lined piece of paper with a Wonder Pets sticker (available online) for the sail.

Also made some cupcakes (right of picture), since I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to cut into this cake. Melted some yellow chocolates and piped into a circle on wax paper to cool. Then piped the red and blue frosting to complete the logo – yummy and super cute!

We had primary color decorations and balloons, played lots of Wonder Pets games, and I even made a pinata out of a cereal box and tissue paper in the Wonder Pets’ logo (left of picture)! Our son’s picture with his cake was even posted on Nick Jr’s fan site for a while – what a special birthday!

2 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Wonder Pets Flyboat Cake”

  1. Hey i am making that cake and the cupcakes. I was wondering if you could answer a question or anyone what yellow chocolates did you use and how did you melt them just looking for more directions for the cupcakes.

  2. Your cake looks great! I visited the website but don’t understand the cutting directions. Did you really only use one round 9 in. springform pan? It looks like the top (red) layer is a separate rectangular cake


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