Coolest Wrench Birthday Cake Idea

A friend asked if I would design a cake for his wife’s birthday based on her nickname,”Puffy Bent Wrench”. Thankfully, I am married to a mechanic so between the two of us we came up with a suitable plan for this Wrench Birthday Cake Idea.

The design consists of: the Wilton horseshoe pan and 2 6″ round pans. The horseshoe pan holds one 2-layer cake mix (approx. 5 – 6 cups of batter) and the 6″ round pan holds 2 cups of batter. A 3″ round pastry cutter and one of my son’s 2″ X 4″ building blocks.

I froze the cakes to make them easier to work with.

STEP 1: Leveled the cakes.

STEP 2: Cut-off sides of horseshoe leaving behind only the bent portion.

STEP 3: Cut a circle in the center of one the round cakes using a 3″ round pastry cutter.

STEP 4: Cut out a section of the remaining round cake using 2″ X 4″ building block as a template.

STEP 5: Pieced the sections together to form the wrench and crumb coated the entire cake.

STEP 6: Using black Wilton Color Gel, tinted some Duff Buttercream Fondant, gray.

STEP 7: Rolled and cut fondant into strips wide enough to cover sides of cake.

STEP 8: Flat iced top of cake using ready-to-use icing tinted gray to match the sides.

STEP 9: Lettering was a combination of fondant using alphabet cut-outs and ready-to-use black icing in a tube with a #3 decorating tip.

The cake was a huge hit!

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