My grandson’s birthday. My daughter wanted me to make a cake because she knows I like to have fun. I had a few weeks to figure it out. Well he’s a boy, and I guess boys and trucks go together. I really need a bigger kitchen! So, I decided to make  a construction zone theme.

I used 3 boxes of cake mix. One vanilla and two chocolate. Two large containers of cool whip. A bag of Oreos, a bag of Reeces pieces, gummie bears, mini peanut butter cups, food coloring and of course a box of construction trucks. You talk about a sugar induced coma, I made it! I baked the three cakes. I formed the bottom of the cake and added food coloring to cool whip to  look like concrete, frosted it a little thicker in the middle of the cake so the next layer would adhere to it. I’m always a nervous wreck when I do this until its finished.

Because I know what I want  but getting there is a whole different thing. So, my kitchen is covered in sweets. Yummy..I decided to go with the round cake pans. I am making a mountain site, I guess. I take the next layer of cake and cut it smaller than the bottom layer and adhere it to the bottom of the cake a off to the side. I frost both layers. By the way this is getting messy.

I put on the top layer and and cut a small piece of cake from it, to add somewhere else on the cake, frost it. I take the Oreos and open them and take out the creamy filling. I then shape them into safety cones and use the red food coloring on them. I then start putting the trucks on the cake how I want them, which was making them look like they were hauling and dumping dirt.

I took the Oreos and mini  peanut butter cups and crumbled them in a bag , then dumped them in the trucks and down the mountain side. I also put Reeses in the dump truck and down the mountain side. The cool whip looks like concrete has been layed. I just mixed food coloring together until I liked the coloring. I also added a gummy bear to the truck for a driver. Ta da..Done.