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Coolest WWE Logo Cake

This is a WWE Logo Cake. My son is really into this show this year, so for his 9th birthday, this is what I made for him. He and his friends loved it.

This cake is two larger sized round cakes stacked on top of each other. Any size cake pans will work, just adjust the scale of the lettering to match the pan size. The cake my son requested was strawberry flavored with a chocolate cream center. I used chocolate fudge pudding mix with about half of the required amount of milk to make a mix that would be thick enough to not squish and run when I placed the second cake on top.

I used butter cream frosting to make everything except the black center which was made out of store-bought fondant. All tinting was done with Wilton’s food coloring to help keep the frosting stiff and to get brighter colors. The letter piping was done with a Wilton’s #2 cake decorating tip.

(In the picture, you can see small dots all over the black center circle. Those came from transporting the cake in a mad dash through the rain to the party!)

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  1. I was sooooo excited to find your site!!! I am making this cake tonight!!! My son is gonna go crazy!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!!!


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