Coolest Yoda Grooms Cake

I made this Yoda grooms cake a little while ago, and it was made with nine layers of chocolate cake, 6 nine inch rounds for the body and 3 six inch rounds for the head. I carved it using just a kitchen knife frosted it in butter cream and then covered it in fondant. It took about 7 hours roughly to make from start to finish and I printed off loads of different pictures of Yoda to get all the angles right.

I would like to have had the time to have added some airbrush detail, to enhance his clothing to make them look more worn and less perfect, also some shading in and around his eyes and wrinkles to make him look even better, but they loved the cake as it was.

The idea for this cake was simple, but the guy knew what he wanted, he just said that he would like a 3d Yoda cake, but he wanted more cake and servings so we put him on top of another cake and I suggested instead of leaving it plain chocolate, why don’t we tint it black and add some small stars so it looks like the galaxy, and then add the logo.

I do admit that the logo is just a sugar sheet, so I did kind of cheat with that part.

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  1. This is exactly what my son wants for his wedding ! His bride is trying desperately to find someone to make it, but alas, you live too far away. Is there any chance that we could import you just a little way into Canada for a day or two ? Just teasing, but this one is FANTASTIC !!!


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