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Coolest Zebra Stripes Birthday Cake

I made this cute Zebra Stripes Birthday Cake for unit four in 4-H. Start by using one 9 by 13 pan and two 9” round pans cake flavor of your choice. Next make a double batch of butter cream frosting. Make a little less than half of your frosting white; a little less than half any colors of your choice (this will be used for the stripe I used purple) then die the last bit of frosting green if you want to make a green boarder to ascent your cake. You will also need black frosting for the nose and eyes of your zebra. I would suggest just buying a black frosting tube from you local grocery store. Cut out the head, ears, body, and legs, from the above cakes. It helps to draw your cake on a piece of paper then lay the drawing on you cake as you cut it out.

After cutting all the pieces out place them together using a small portion of your frosting to make sure each peace sticks. I out lined important features in black such as around the ears and eyes with a #3 writing tip. Now fill in the rest of the zebra’s body and stripes with butter cream frosting using star tip # 18. Use black frosting for the eyes and nostrils. If you need to flatten the eyes and nostrils use corn starch on the tip of your figure and press them down gently. You can now use your green frosting to make the boarder you desire.

Other ideas you can try. You could use fondant or cake paper for the nose if you are looking for a smoother look. You could also try to make a tail with tip #233.

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