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Coolest Homemade Zebra Birthday Cake

While searching for zebra shaped cake ideas for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party I Googled “zebra cake” and discovered an awesome cake that looks like zebra stripes when it’s cut. Great, but still needed the outside to look like a zebra too. When I found many other posts of people who made their own I got brave and went for it and made my own Homemade Zebra Birthday Cake.

I used the recipe online for the cake and made my family’s buttercream recipe for the icing- I used clear vanilla to keep it white. The black was really easy and tastes GREAT because I used dark chocolate cocoa powder to darken the buttercream first then added the black paste. It really tastes like dark chocolate and not icky inky black icing.

Then I just piped in the outline and filled in with a ‘basketweave’ tip to give the look of hair! I’m exhausted, it’s late but I can’t wait until she wakes up in the morning to see this! I am so happy with it.

Thanks to all the others posts for giving me the confidence to trust my abilities and make my own!

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  1. Thanks for the comments! The black icing is homemade and tastes like dark chocolate!! I added dark cocoa powder to the white icing mix to darken it BEFORE adding the black Wilton’s coloring in. It takes less coloring and keeps the flavor yummy. Also when following any white icing recipe use clear vanilla flavoring and white Crisco to keep it pure. Hope that helps!


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