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Coolest Zelda’s Ocarina of Time Cake

This Zelda’s Ocarina of Time cake was created using 2 13×9 devil food cake layers. I started on the decorations about 5 days prior to baking the cake.

Everything is 100% edible! The shield and Link were the most time consuming and were created by printing the pictures out onto card stock. I would then cut out each individual aspect from the card stock and use it as a guide to cut out the fondant using an exacto knife and piece it together.

The same method was used for the skulltullas, triforce, and the ocarina. When doing the shield I started with the blue area. From my picture I cut it out then placed on top of fondant and cut that out. I then focused on the grey, which I used a pearl dust on to give some shimmer, then the triforce and the red areas. It actually turned out to be easier than I anticipated! Just make sure you have a good, clean, SHARP exacto knife to use!

The vines were just rolled fondant placed on the sides and once the cake was baked and iced everything was put into place! It was time consuming but I think the final outcome was worth it!

Homemade Zelda's Ocarina of Time Cake

Homemade Zelda's Ocarina of Time Cake

Homemade Zelda's Ocarina of Time Cake

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