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Coolest Lightening McQueen Birthday Cake

I made this Lightening McQueen birthday cake with 3 cakes total. Two regular long cakes for base  wrapped in red fondant. The third cake I cut  and used for top of car. I always buy my own Wilton Fondant from Michaels and make my own colors. I have the Wilton color box, and it has everything I need! A little goes a long way too. I use a toothpick to apply color.

The wheels I just rolled out of fondant. The windshield, eyes, lightening bolt, I rolled out onto a cutting board with a rolling pin, and cut and I made a sugary paste to glue them on with powdered sugar and water! I printed out a Rusteze logo on my computer and presto! He still talks about this cake and he was only 3 when I made it. So now I have to try and out do the cake from the previous year!

I used regular cake mix from the grocery store and I do frost under the fondant to make the cake taste better. Any frosting flavor you like. I think it helps seal the fondant on nicely too. The thinner you can roll the fondant the better it will taste. Also, for certain pieces  letting it sit and harden a bit like clay is best before adhering with the powdered sugar glue. Enjoy!

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