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Coolest Lightening McQueen Birthday Cake

For my youngest grandson’s third birthday, at his request, we made Lightening McQueen for his Cars themed party. It was definitely a family affair with artistic contributions from his grandpa, as master scuplter, his uncle, as master decorator and me, grandma, as master baker and icer.

We used two 9 x13″ cakes for the base: one homemade red-velvet and one homemade  pound (classic 1-2-3-4 cake recipe) for the base, one 11 inch square on top of those, followed by a 9 inch square. We set back a 6″ square to form the top part of Lightening and used one additional 6″ square to cut tires out using a biscuit cutter, resulting in a 100% edible all-cake finished product. We alternated flavors between red velvet and pound, using red homemade butter cream between layers.

We iced the cake all over red butter cream, then applied appropriately colored Wilton decorating icings to make the Rust-eze logo, the flames and 95 number on the side, windshield, eyes, tail lights and side windows. Finally, we iced the tires with black homemade butter cream and affixed them to the body with lollipop sticks.

The birthday boy was thrilled and everyone seemed to really enjoy looking at and eating our Lightening McQueen.


Coolest Lightening McQueen Birthday Cake

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