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Cool Baby Rattle Cakes and Creative Baby Shower Cakes

I got the idea for creative baby shower cakes from Wilton and others on this website. I made the rattle using the ball cake pan and Pampered Chef prep bowls (for the small bowl). Put the two halves together filled with whipped raspberry filling. Frosted with whipped frosting and decorated using a light buttercream icing. It was a hit!

Cake by Nicole C., Medway, ME.,

Creative Baby Shower Cakes

I used a Wilton sheet cake pan and a Wilton ball cake pan. I had to trim the round cake so it would be just the right size for the sheet cake. I frosted the sheet cake first with butter cream icing and added the trim around the cake. Then I put the round cake on and frosted that.

I added the detail to the rattle with icing and did the lettering. Then on wax paper I piped the booties out of icing and placed them in the freezer till they were hard enough to handle. Once they were hard I placed them on the cake. Once that was all done I added a little blue sanding sugar to the sheet cake and I had a perfect Baby Shower Cake!

There are many creative baby shower cakes on this site and most of them could be either in blue or pink.

More Baby Rattle Cakes

Cake by Siobhan B., Shepherdstown, WV

Creative Baby Shower Cakes

I needed quick and creative baby shower cakes for a surprise baby shower. This is what I came up with, a baby rattle. For it I made one 9” round cake and a 7×11 cake with the remainder of the cake mix. I always use Duncan Hines and make the pound cake recipe on the side of the box, it makes a larger cake and much sturdier as well. I make all of my own icing which is always a big hit!

After baking the cakes I sliced the 7×11 so I’d have the rattle “handle” and cut a circle for the end out of the remaining cake. Be sure to use icing to hold the pieces together. would be the most essential advice needed for this (and most) cake(s).

Cake by Rachel S., Chesapeake, VA

Creative Baby Shower Cakes

I made this cake for my friend’s baby shower. I was searching for creative baby shower cakes when I came across this idea. It consists of two 8 in. rounds and a paper towel roll covered in icing in the center. Place the rounds the proper distance apart then add the roll in the center. Use icing to cover the roll and the cakes. (The roll really doesn’t require much icing.)

Make sure to blend the icing so you can’t see the different pieces of the cake. I used colored icing and sprinkles to decorate the rounds. I put colored icing around the roll to appear like a spiral. (You don’t have to go all the way around). Also I tied a ribbon on the center of the roll.

Cake by Jodie K., Pemberton, NJ

Creative Baby Shower Cakes

I found the idea for this baby shower cake on the Wilton website and thought it was such a great idea for my sister’s baby shower! I used the Wilton sports ball pan set and the mini ball pan set. I put ribbon on a plastic dowel in the middle of the two pieces.

For decorating I just put small blue stars all over and made small circles out of fondant to put across the middle of the baby shower cake. I decorated the small cake the same as the large. This baby shower cake was fairly easy to make and everyone just loved it!

Creative baby shower cake by Kate R., Laguna Beach, CA

Creative Baby Shower Cakes

I made this baby cake with Wilton’s sports ball set. I then decorated a dowel to dress it up.

Decorate the baby cake however you would like – it’s really cute for a baby shower.

Creative Baby Shower Cakes