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Coolest Baby Shower Cake Tips and Ideas

Emma just turned four and wanted to have a “Mommy Party” so I set out trying to figure out some baby shower cake tips of what you do at a Mommy party and what a Mommy cake looks like. This is what I came up with.

I used a Wiltons wonder mold and one box of cake mix for the cake. The cake fits perfect on a small salad plate. Then I made MM Fondant (Marshmallows and powder sugar) and covered a round 2″ disk with green fondant and the bottom of the plate with a darker purple fondant. I rolled out a circle of fondant for the skirt and let it dry a few hours so it would be easier to work with when I was trying to dress her.

I rolled out more fondant and used the shirt the Barbie came with as a template for how big to make the bodice. I did have to take the legs off of the Barbie to make this cake and discovered they don’t make them like they used too. I hope I will be able to get them back on but it will be tricky.

More Baby Shower Cake Tips and Ideas

Cake by Meagan D., Kensington, NH

Baby Shower Cake Tips

This cake was a big hit at my aunts Baby Shower. I just wanted to let everyone know that this is a Gluten Free cake. This picture is proof that even if you are allergic to gluten you can still enjoy tasty and beautiful cakes. The theme of the shower was Sweet Dreams Little Prince so I decided to go with a baby sleeping under the stars and moon.

Here are my baby shower cake tips. A few days before I made the cake I cut out fondant stars with a star cutter and attached them to gum paste wire. The clouds and the moon were all hand cut. I attached candy sticks to the clouds and the moon with melted candy. The baby’s head was made out of a rolled ball of fondant and I used a knife to indent his eyes and rolled a tiny ball of fondant for his nose. I then shaped the babies body out of fondant (which doesn’t need to be perfect because a blanket goes over him). The blanket was made out of a square of white fondant draped over the baby. I used alphabet cookie cutters to cut out the sweet dreams. I rolled small fondant balls for the border of the cake.

The morning of the shower I placed the border on the cake and the sweet dreams letters I also put the baby one the top layer. When I got to the banquet facility I placed the moon, stars and the clouds.

Cake by Abigail J., Palmdale, CA

Baby Shower Cake Tips

This was the cake I made for my baby shower. I insisted that I do my own since I might never have a reason to do another three tiered cake! My baby shower cake tips are to start about a week in advance by making the party favors and the roses out of fondant. Then the day before the shower I made three chocolate pound cakes (6, 8 and 10 inch) and torted them with fresh strawberries and pink whipped cream. Then I lightly frosted them with pink vanilla buttercream to make the fondant stick. I dyed the fondant light pink and put it on the cakes.

The 8″ cake I decorated with edible pink pearls that I found online. I used a small paint brush dipped in vanilla extract to make the pearls stick. I dabbed extract on the spot I wanted the pearl and gently pushed the pearl into the fondant. Then I measured and cut wooden dowels to support the two lower tiers. I did a practice stacking to make sure all was straight. I refrigerated the cakes.

I didn’t have any problem with the fondant getting condensation on it once out of the fridge. I actually found that the fondant kept the cakes pretty insulated once they were out of the fridge.

The day of the party I transported the cakes and flowers separately to assemble on-site. At the party I stacked the cakes. Then I wrapped the brown ribbon around the base and secured it with royal frosting.

I filled the stroller with royal and filled it with roses. I made a mound of royal on the top of the cake to secure the stroller and roses and pushed more pink pearls in around the flowers.

Baby Shower Cake Tips

I decorated the table with a pink fabric and placed the party favors around the base. I also did the party favors by decorating silver tins with royal pink roses and chocolate brown leaves with pearls around them. The tins had chocolate and pink-coconut truffles inside from See’s. I think it all matched pretty well!

This was my first attempt at fondant. Hope my baby shower cake tips will be useful to others on this site!

Cake by Mariza G, El Paso, TX

Baby Shower Cake Tips

I made this cake for a friend’s baby shower. I used French vanilla cake mix and buttercream frosting. I had and edible image made out of her ultrasound picture. I made a quilt pattern using pastel colors and a star tip. The sides of the cake are covered with four rows of icing using a ruffle tip.

I got many baby shower cake tips from this website. Everyone enjoyed it.

Cake by Amanda G., Evansville, IN

Baby Shower Cake Tips

I made two 9” round cakes topped with two 8” round cakes with icing in between. I then covered them in white fondant. I bought colored fondant and cut out the clothes free hand and placed around the cake. I then drew in the clothes line. I placed a doll on top and made a dress out of the leftover blue fondant and covered her with a fondant blanket.

Thanks to this site for your help with baby shower cake tips, it made it much easier for me to make this cake.

Cake by Jade D., Hawthorne, NY

Baby Shower Cake Tips

I made this cake for my coworker before she went out on maternity leave in honor of her sons’ impending birth. Here are my baby shower cake tips: the cake is an 8″ round golden cake with vanilla flavored icing. The inside of the cake had vanilla frosting that was tinted blue as a hidden surprise. The bassinet is made with the basket weave technique. Not only is the basket woven on the top of the cake but it is all around the edges of the cake.

The baby’s face is made of gum paste and the facial features were drawn on with edible marker. The flowers are made from royal icing several days in advance.

Cake by Amy H., Chesterfield, VA

Baby Shower Cake Tips

Here are the baby shower cake tips for this cake which made for a friend’s baby shower (it’s a girl!). The cake is 8″ with a pink and white basket weave (tips 48 and 8). The doll was about 5″ tall and I stuck a skewer up its back to get it to stay upright. Then I placed Press N Seal around it like a blanket and used a small star tip (16) to make the blanket.

I placed the stars a tiny bit away from each other so you can see through the blanket a little so it looks like an afghan. I finished with a rope border. The mom-to-be loved it and it was a hit at the party!

Baby Shower cake tip by Rebecca N., Roswell, GA

Baby Shower Cake Tips

I used a large Wilton 12/18 baking pan. Make one layer as a whole layer. You will then take the 12/18 pan and make the three top layers by placing a normal 9/13 pan in the center and filling the 12/18 pan with the cake mix. This will give you the bowl of the tub. You will them line the bowl of the tub with some plastic wrap and fill with blue Jell-O.

Once you have done this you will cover the cake with cream cheese icing and then apply another coat of white icing to make the white tub. If you want an ivory tub you can just leave it as cream cheese. The faucet is made from rolled fondant and dyed.

You can use the Wilton stencil set to create the word soap on your fondant bar of soap. You can use a brand new and washed baby cloth and the travel size baby wash and shampoo. You can place bubbles on the cake using any size round tip. And if you wish you can add some flare by placing small blue dots on some of the bubbles.

Thanks for all the wonderful baby shower cake tips on this website!

Baby Shower cake tip by Chelsea A., Ketchikan ,Alaska

Baby Shower Cake Tips

I used two 10″ round cakes, covered them with a thin layer of butter cream. Then I covered the whole cake with fondant.

I used a piece of chocolate brown satin ribbon to go around the bottom, held in place with a couple dots of butter cream.

The circles are made out of light blue colored fondant, the brown is made out of chocolate fondant and then I made a bow for the top out of fondant using the instructions on the box. I think it turned out to be a totally cute baby shower cake.

Baby Shower Cake Tips

Baby Shower cake tip by Kasey B., Honolulu, HI

Baby Shower Cake Tips

I made this for my friend’s baby shower. She didn’t know what she was having so I just got a few design ideas from the plates and napkin patterns. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I used the star tip all over and the Wilton butter cream icing recipe.

Thanks to all the great baby shower cake tips on this site, my cake was a great hit among all our friends!

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