To make this sweet pea baby shower cake, I started with an idea and a rectangular baking pan.

Sweet Pea Baby Shower Cake Instructions

  • I used a basic chocolate-fudge cake recipe and covered it with buttercream frosting.
  • I spent all night frosting the cake perfectly, smoothing out any wrinkles with Viva paper towels. They are cheap and there’s no design to mess with your desired flat cake *canvas*.
  • I used green Tootsie Rolls to shape the shell of the pea pods.
  • I microwaved a mixture of regular  Tootsie Rolls and vanilla  Tootsie Rolls at 15 seconds to form the baby’s head and arms and then inserted them in the upper left pea pod.
  • I used a paint brush and Wilton’s food coloring to draw on the face.
  • The peas were purchased at Walmart. They are actually shiny green Sixlets (round candy-coated, chocolate-flavored candy) that are sold in the cake section.
  • I  made the vines that embellish the outer edges of the top of the cake from the same green Tootsie Rolls I used to make the pea pods.
  • The sunflowers were purchased premade at Walmart and I wrote the congratulations lettering in the same color as the sunflowers to make it pop.
  • The trim was added with a simple star tip swirled for the border.