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Cutest Noah’s Ark Baptism Cake

I made this Noah’s Ark cake for my nephew’s Baptism.  This was my first time modeling animals (or anything, for that matter), so everything that could go wrong, went wrong! First of all, I did the whole cake, decorations and all, the night before.  It came out OK, so I guess it was beginner’s luck!  I baked the cakes early in the afternoon, and then made the fondant and gum paste.  I do not like buying the prepared ones at the store.  Everything you see on the cake is edible and prepared at home.

I began modeling the animals very late at night and finished the whole decoration at 5:30 in the morning.  The baptism started at 9:00am!  I almost cried! Since this was my first time modeling, and I only do cakes for family, I did not have a lot of utensils for modeling or making designs.  All of them were designed by hand, looking at the invitations my sister-in-law sent.  The biggest problem I had and the reason they took me so long was that the gum paste was too soft and the animals would not stay put.  I re-did every animal at least 3 times!

For the ark, I baked an 8” round cake and cut it in an oval shape.  With the remaining cake, I shaped the top.  I covered it in fondant but did not know how to make it look like wood.  I looked at some cakes on the internet and got some ideas.  Looking for something to use as a mold, I found my son’s Lego pieces and that’s what I used to make it look like pieces of wood. It was a lot of work but in the end I think it was worth it.  The reviews were the best I have ever received.  To this day I believe this has been my best cake.   Hope you like it!!!      

Whole cake

Top view