I made this purple Octopus birthday cake fir my husband’s baby sister’s first birthday. It was a rainbow cake. Unfortunately the pic isn’t the best but you can kinda see. It was such fun to make the cake batter.

First I made my cake by separating the batter into 6 bowls and made colored batter, pink, purple, yellow, blue and a darker purple. Then I layered the batter in the pans (I used two metal mixing bowls to get a round shape). Then baked as recipe said. Now I made the cakes the night before. We decorated the cake at the birthday girl’s house. We had difficulties with the frosting because we were going to try a whipped cream frosting. Let’s say Vegas weather doesn’t allow for that. So after a few dreadful hours we finally went and bought frosting. It’s amazing the products they have, already colored frosting. Wonderful such a time saver and headache relief.

My husband helped decorate it. We used sour straws for mouth and bow we used Swiss rolls and smarties for tentacles and  junior mints for eyes. It was such a hit…for something put together in a hurry it sure is cute.