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Coolest Octopus and Pirate Birthday Cake

I make this Octopus and Pirate birthday cake for my son’s 1st birthday. The original idea I got from the internet. I forgot the artist’s name, and I make the 3D base on the picture with some little changes so it can work with gum paste and fondant, and its my first octopus cake. I was try to make the octopus with rice crispy at first but it doesn’t work well… I was desperate at first because I was planing to use the rice crispy so that the hands will look big and strong but its breaking down on me, so I tried again with only gum paste and it worked just fine, only its not what I pictured it will be, but its fine.

I was so tired only to make the octopus hands and that was the last minute before I took the cake to the restaurant for my son’s birthday celebration and I did’nt sleep on that day just for making that hands. I was really desperate.  That day I was planing to just skip the cake and forget about it, but than I was thinking I have to finish this whatever the result was. Well then that is the result as you guys see, not to bad after all I have been through and all my friends who see this cake and all the restaurant employees loved it. Well at least I was happy with the complement even if I was not really happy with this cake, because it’s not what I wanted it to be.

For the cake I baked a 10′ chocolate cake with semi sweet chocolate frosting and filling, and also 6″ vanilla cake for the top with vanilla frosting and filling.

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