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Awesome Homemade Dalmatian Fire Truck Cake

I made this fun dalmatian fire truck cake for a friend’s little boy’s birthday party. I truly put a lot of heart into making this cake, as the boy’s father had passed away not even a year earlier. This was his first birthday without his dad, and I wanted to create something that would make him smile and help him enjoy his day.

Dalmatian Fire Truck Cake Creation

His party was at a fire station, and he requested a dog to be included on the cake. It was a large party, so a 2 tier cake was needed. The bottom tier was chocolate, the top tier was vanilla sprinkle. I used chocolate on the bottom because it is far more dense than my vanilla cake. My cakes are homemade, as well as my frosting. I’ve had many people ask for my recipes, but I keep them secret. It took me a few years to master a yummy cake and frosting! Trial and error, with my kids and husband as taste testers. :) My cakes are moist and flavorful, and the frosting is not too sweet, but a great consistency to decorate with.

For this cake I sketched a cake to follow while I designed. I colored each piece of fondant with coloring gel, as well as the frosting. The puppy was super fun to make! I used toothpicks to hold his arms, legs and head to his body. I covered the top tier in white fondant, and painted the spots with black food coloring gel. The bottom tier is all piped frosting. I divided different shades of blue in bowls, and piped from the bottom up to create a water effect. The fire truck, hose, and fire hydrant were all hand made from fondant. I used edible colored markers to draw details on my fondant pieces. The sign is hand made from a cricket. I love to incorporate personal, unique signs on my cakes and cupcakes.

The cake was a hit, and one of my favorites!