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Cake by Angela F., Fort Benning, GA

Coolest Diego Cake Ideas and Photos

I made this cake for my son Sam’s third birthday. I searched your site for a Diego cake and this was my first attempt at a buttercream transfer. I downloaded a picture of Diego off the internet and made it the size I wanted. I taped it to a glass cutting board and covered it with plastic wrap. I used a store bought black tube of icing to outline the drawing. Then put it in the freezer to allow it to set.

I filled in all the colors and froze again. Once it was set I used one more coat of white frosting being that white was the base of my cake. After preparing and frosting two boxed cake mixes, Diego was frozen and ready to place on top of the cake.

Cake by Stewart B., Winnipeg, MB

Diego Cake Photo

I made this Diego cake for my neighbor who asked if I could make him a cake since I have just started to make cakes for fun. This is a buttercream transfer and my first. I actually got the recipe from this website and the idea of what a butter cream transfer is.

I just used the spray food coloring for the sky and the grass. We put a baby jaguar a little too high so I put leaves all around him to look like he was hiding in a bush.

Cake by Annie W., Norman, OK

Diego Cake Photo

I made this Diego cake for my friend’s son’s 3rd birthday. I iced a cake orange. I splattered the top of the cake with the same color orange mixed with vodka to give it some added interest.

Then I took a picture from a coloring book and tore it out and taped it to my table. Over that I laid a piece of wax paper and taped it to the table. Working quickly so it didn’t dry I traced the outline with parchment paper, filled with piping gel (mixed with a drop of black food coloring so that I could see it) using a #1 tip.

Then you take the wax paper off the table and quickly flip it onto the Diego cake (centered) and press it down to transfer the image. I retraced all of my lines with black buttercream icing. Then I filled in all the spaces with the appropriate color of buttercream icing. Add a border and you are finished.

Cake by Angie C., Milford, Canada

Diego Cake Photo

I baked a sheet cake and drew Diego on it and filled it in with frosting. I used chocolate sprinkles for his hair. My son loved his Diego cake and party. We went to our local wild life park and it was a big hit.

Cake by Kimberly H., Brunswick, GA

Diego Cake Photo

My daughter was a huge fan of the Nick Jr. show “Go Diego Go.” At the time of her 2nd birthday we were not able to find anything with a Diego theme. So, using a Wilton cake pan (Big Bird with Banner), this Diego cake was born.

I printed out a coloring sheet from the Nick Jr. website and enlarged it in order to have a copy of Diego’s face. Using a toothpick I traced the outline of his head onto my iced caked.

I used the toothpick to draw the rest of his body. I finished the cake by using small round tips to trace the outline in icing and then filled it with various sized stars.

I also made Baby Jaguar cupcakes by following the directions that are posted on the Nick Jr. website.

Diego Cake Photo