Diego Cake

This Diego cake was made for a person I work with. It was for her son’s birthday. She gave me the Diego pan, which I thought would make my life easier. Wrong! I don’t normally use character pans, I draw directly on the cake.

When I took this cake out of the pan, I didn’t actually have the intentions of the details. All I ended up with was the outline of the body. So much for not drawing on the cake. I used star tips 14,16, and 18 to color in the entire body. I also used tip #1 and 2 for the areas like the badge, strap, and watch.

I iced the areas around the body with regular white buttercream icing and piped shells around the border with an additional outline for more icing. Many different colors were used.

Tinting his skin was the hardest. The color they suggest you use (copper) didn’t work. I ended up mixing peach,brown,and orange to get the right color. His hair was chocolate buttercream. I outlined everything in black (chocolate buttercream with black coloring).

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