I make character birthday cakes for children’s birthday parties and someone asked for a Dorothy the Dino and, well, this is what I came up with.

The design of the cake is a handdrawn picture which I take to the copy shop and blow up to the size I want on some nice thick cardboard and then I cut it out to use as a stencil to get the shape I need, I do this if Wilton does not have a character cake tin available.

I used a chocolate mud cake recipe mix which is very moist and delicious, I bought this at a wholesaler in town, an alternative to this would be the Betty Crocker Devils Food Cake which is a very close second to this mud cake mix or any other Betty Crocker Cake mix or any mix you like really. You can either have a two layer of one layer cake depending on how much cake you like with a filling of your’e choice in the middle of course.

I use buttercream icing as butter give a better end result with icing gels than margarine. Remember that the longer the cake sits the deeper the colour of the icing become. For best colour results use either chefmaster colouring gels or wilton colouring gels.