Coolest Wiggle Car Birthday Cake Idea

I made this Wiggle Car Birthday Cake Idea for my son’s 2nd birthday, he was absolutely obsessed with The Wiggles at that time so I knew it would be a hit. I hired the Wilton’s car cake tin and used 1 ½ packets of Betty Crocker’s Devil’s Food Cake mix to make my cake. I cut a piece out of the top of the cake to make it a convertible using my son’s Wiggle car toy of about the same size as a guide to get the right shape. After a bit more trimming to the ends of the car it was ready to decorate.

I made buttercream icing (I use Nuttelex which gives a whiter base than normal butter) and coloured it red, blue, purple, yellow and grey (touch of black). I used powder colour for the red and liquid colour for the rest. I covered the car in red icing first (other than wheels) and then used the grey for the windshield and headlight covers. I used a bit of uncoloured icing for the headlights, then yellow for the retracted roof.

I got a can of Wilton’s ready made black icing from a cake shop to make the tyres, and used the toy car to get the wheel details right. The Wiggle characters were removable from the toy so I placed them into the cake and cut out 3 “The Wiggles” cardboard logos from colouring book covers to place on the front and sides of the car. The other characters were placed on the cake board at the last minute in dobs of icing so they didn’t miss out!

It was a huge hit at my son’s birthday party, the look on his face was priceless!

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