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Dynamic Spiderman Birthday Cake

Spiderman seems to be always a favorite amongst the boys for birthday parties! I searched online for different examples of a Spiderman cake, and I eventually decided to take an image of Spiderman and recreate it in fondant, then make it look like he was crawling up the cake, for a more dynamic-looking cake.

I printed out an image that I liked, and cut out each part of Spiderman with an Xacto Knife, retracing the shapes onto fondant in the right colors. Then, I “glued” each of the red and blue parts back together on the cake (which I first covered with a base layer of white fondant. With edible ink markers in black, I drew in all of the shading and black details by hand. The thicker black outlines were done with piped black frosting.

I wouldn’t say this is simple to make, and it takes a very steady hand, but it makes an impact when you present it!


Dynamic Spiderman Birthday Cake

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