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Coolest Easter Basket Cakes and Lots of Ideas for Original Easter Cakes

Looking for cool ideas for Easter cakes? What better way to celebrate Easter with friends and family than an easter basket cake full of treats?

In this section you’ll find cool Easter basket cake designs that’ll help inspire your own version this year.

Many decorators are prone to using a buttercream frosting to create a basket weave look. This is highly effective for a delicious (who doesn’t love buttercream?) Easter basket cake. One word of caution: practice, practice, practice! Excellent piping skills look effortless but require many elements to come together beautifully. The more you practice this simple basket-weave, the cooler it will look.

For the top half of the basket, you’ll find some cool examples of how decorators make handles that defy gravity! Many of the homemade cakes here truly look like you could lift them up like a regular basket. The standard Easter pastel colors are on display and will inspire you to choose your own personal palette.

Latest Easter Basket Cakes

Featured Easter Cakes

Cake by Lisa G., Kamloops, BC

Coolest Easter Cakes, Photos and How-To Tips

This is an Easter birthday cake. I didn’t want the usual Easter cakes, I wanted to do something different. This is just a round layer cake with a chocolate ganache icing. I did a basket weave around the cake. The birds are made with marzipan and painted with food coloring. The nest is toasted coconut held together with milk and sugar. I used a cereal bowl to form it into a nest shape. The nest is filled with mini eggs. It was a fun and easy cake to make.

Cake by Melirosa M., Pico Rivera, CA

Basket Easter Cakes

For this cake you will need: egg shaped mini cake pan (Wilton), 8″ round cake pan, three boxes of your favorite cake mix (or home made is fine too), lots and lots of white icing, one tub of chocolate icing, basket weaving tip, star tip, multi open grass tip, jumbo round sprinkles (Wiltons) (or any type of round candy will do), food coloring: green, pink, purple, blue and pastel sugar (Wiltons).

The rest can be taken form the picture. For the basket part of the cake I used three layer chocolate carrot in the middle and chocolate again. The eggs are chocolate. Be creative when making Easter cakes and have fun!

Cake by Erika C., Bozeman, MT

Basket Easter Cakes

This was a special cake I made for my grandma before she died. She requested a cool light white cake. Seeing as it was Easter, I searched for ideas for Easter cakes. The cake was white and the icing was just cool whip powdered sugar and vanilla.

I simulated grass with coconut I sprayed green, the flowers were just colored icing and the path was done with yellow sugar crystals. The rest was done with candy: pastel candy corn around the border, chocolate eggs, and I “weaved” the baskets out of caramels I flattened and sculpted into strips and then filled the baskets with coconut and Nerds candy.

Store it in the refrigerator and it will be a beautiful and delicious addition to your Easter dinner.

Cake by Heather L., Winnipeg, Canada

Basket Easter Cakes

We used a children’s coloring book picture and traced it on the cake in brown gel. Then we used stars to fill in the picture and basket weave for the basket. The border is a reverse shell (kind of) and we put Cadbury Mini Eggs around the base in between the yellow shells.

Cake by Lynsey B., Nesbit, MS

Basket Easter Cakes

I made this cake for an Easter party for our family. It was pretty easy; the Easter basket was a 6-inch round cake with basket weave icing on top of a larger rectangular cake. I dyed coconut for Easter grass and some Easter candy for garnish. I used a #233 tip for the grass.

Basket Easter Cakes

Cake by Karen A., Lexington, KY

Basket Easter Cakes

This is one of those easy Easter cakes. Make a bunt cake of any flavor. The top of the cake is filled with coconut for the grass (I used green food coloring). I then used any type of jellybean that you like for the eggs. A pipe cleaner wrapped in colored ribbon is used for the handle. I used a fork to make the design on the sides of the cake.

Cake by Amy G., Juneau, Alaska

Basket Easter Cakes

This is an Easter basket cupcake cake made from 20 cupcakes. I used buttercream icing and iced across all the cupcakes like a regular cake. (The icing doesn’t fall between don’t worry.) Then I did a basket weave for the basket, I used fondant for the ribbon roses and the ribbon on the basket and then used a glaze icing for the lamb. I then piped a shell border around the edge. To serve just lift each cupcake up and away.

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