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100+ Coolest Easter Cake Ideas to Inspire your Cake Creations

Take a look at the coolest Easter cake ideas. Spending time with family and friends this Easter? Take a look through our cool Easter cakes in order to enhance your festive meal.

Instead of filling a basket with treats, create a basket out of cake! Always wanted to make a basket-weave cake? The time is now. Try a Wilton cake decorating #47 tip with your favorite medium consistency buttercream and get practicing! The more you practice, the better your piping skills will be. You can see some examples of fantastic Easter cake baskets here.

We also have plenty of bunnies for you to look at. There are step by step instructions of how to make a three dimensional bunny, if you’ve never tried one before. Additionally, you will find beautiful pastel colored cakes, Easter eggs, cupcakes and more Easter cake ideas! Enjoy!

And don’t forget… if you end up with a cool cake, have great tips to share or pictures of awesome birthday cakes you’ve made in the past, share them here and be a part of our coolest birthday cake community.

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Featured Easter Cake Ideas

Colorful Bunny Easter Cake

Easter Cake created by Jennifer

Easter Cake

This bunny Easter cake is pretty simple to make but turns out beautifully. I baked two eight inch round cakes, any flavor, homemade or box. I tend to go with box and put my effort into decorating instead of the actual cake recipe and I like the taste anyway. Next, I frosted the first layer, stacked the second layer on top and frosted it too. Then I put the Peep bunnies in alternating colors around the outside edge. Easter themed M&M’s were layered on the top.

This decorating method is fairly versatile. I have used regular M&Ms and Kit Kat’s around the outside edge. Any kind of taller cookie or candy would work as the edging and any colorful chocolate candies would work as the center decorating. This method is also very forgiving as far as frosting the cake goes.  You don’t have to frost it beautifully and evenly with no lines since the frosting will all be covered by the candies.

Bunny’s Bottom Easter Cake

Cake created by Stacey

Easter Cake
I made this Easter Bunny cake for my family for Easter. I try to find any opportunity to make cakes so that I can practice my techniques. So, used a yellow cake box mix. Instead of using oil in the mix, I used a Mountain Dew soda. It was made with an 8×3 in round pan. I also made chocolate ganache icing to cover the cake before adding the candies.

This was the first time I have made chocolate ganache, and I will definitely be doing it again. It was so easy and very yummy! Once the cake was covered in ganache I put the Kit Kat’s around the cake. I found that it was easier to work with them in sections of 2. The bunny bum was made a ½ cake from the Wilton 3D ball pan, and covered in white fondant. The feet and tail are made from fondant.

I used some left over butter cream frosting for the tail to give it a fluffy look. Once I placed the bum on top of the 8in layer I poured the pastel colored M&M’s around it so it looks like the bunny is digging into the candies. I then finished it off with a rainbow colored ribbon.

This was such an easy cake to make and super fun too.

Cute Easter Bunny Cake

Cake created by Colleen

Easter Cake

My Easter Bunny Cake was made from a 6″ Pyrex bowl, using a metal flower nail to help cook the middle by placing in the center of the bowl and then pouring batter around. I torted, crumb coated, and then final coat with butter cream. The head is made from 3 rice krispie treats, covered in MM fondant.

The ears were made several days in advance from gum paste. I then used lollipop sticks and attached at the back with more gum paste and glue made from gum paste and water. The ears along with the cheeks were dusted with rose colored petal dust. Eyes, nose, and mouth made from fondant. Head was too heavy to just attach with butter cream so used more sticks.

Set all on a 10 ” round (not torted, did not fill but up to half was, so was thinner than most 3″ cakes). Used the petal effect method on the sides (was my first time trying this). The grass was edible grass from Walmart, flowers were made from either fondant and gum paste or from royal icing.

I started taking the cake decorating classes 4 months ago, am on my final course – love it.

Easter Cake

Cake Created by Carla

Easter Cake

Each year our family has a Easter egg hunt. It is a big event….over 1,000 filled eggs, games, food, fun and giggles. And of course, the Easter Bunny!!!

I have two grandchildren. A boy and a girl. I wanted the little bunnies on the top of the Easter Cake to represent them.

I simply made a double layer large round white cake on the bottom. Icing first and then covering with white fondant. I placed five dowel rods in the center of the cake in a three inch circle. The top double layer was chocolate. Again, iced and covered with fondant.

I decorated the cake with cut out flowers from fondant. I made the quilt by cutting out hearts with fondant and rolling them onto a small cut of the fondant. Flowers were made with cut outs and a toothpick covered in green fondant. I formed the bunnies from white fondant and adding details.