Take a look at the coolest Easter Bunny cakes. You’ll also find loads of homemade cake ideas and DIY birthday cake inspiration.

Cake by Teresa W., Blufff City, TN

Coolest Easter Bunny Cakes

These Easter bunny cakes were a girl’s night project that my sister and I made for her new family. We used two round cakes for each bunny. The boy is carrot cake and the girl is coconut cake. The brown bunny has toasted coconut to make his fur and the white bunny is untoasted coconut. By using a thick layer of coconut when we toasted it we got the variety of colors for his coat.

The eyes, noses and necklace are Easter candies, the teeth are Chiclets chewing gum and the whiskers are toasted spaghetti noodles. On the girl cake we used Cool Whip and the coconut sticks to it very easily compared to icing that we used on the boy cake.

Cake by Jennifer K., Milwaukee, WI

Easter Bunny Cake

I made this Easter bunny cake for Easter 2007. I found the idea online. It’s two circle cakes, one for the bunny’s head and the second is cut to make the two ears and bowtie. I chose to make it a carrot cake because bunnies love carrots!

It’s frosted with store bought cream cheese frosting. I dyed some of it pink for the nose and ears inside and a light tan for the mouth and whiskers. The eyes and bowtie dots are jelly beans. Then I filled an icing bag with orange and yellow jelly beans to make a carrot. It was a very yummy cake all of my family love it!

Cake by Meagan W., Kaseyville, MO

Easter Bunny Cake

Every year we make Easter bunny cakes. It is a tradition in our family. We usually use coconut to decorate the surface but I tried something different this year and used fondant. Prepare a cake mix according to package directions and bake in two 8″ round cake pans. After cooled cut one of the circle layers into the ears and bowtie (cut one ear off opposite sides of the circle which should leave you with a bowtie-shaped piece in the center).

Arrange pieces to form the bunny shape. Frost it with your favorite buttercream frosting. I used coconut (white and tinted) to make “fur”and M&M’s and piping gel for facial features. For this cake I covered the buttercream with marshmallow fondant. I cut out all the features from fondant and added sugar sparkles to the white and pink nose area pink ear pieces and polka dots by moistening them and dusting with sugar crystals.

I also decorated the cake board with green frosting using a grass tip and sprinkled with pastel M&M’s.

Cake by Cathie S., Sydney, Australia

Easter Bunny Cake

Reilly loves bunnies and was turning two so I made him a cake with two bunnies on it. I got this idea from this website for Easter bunny cakes. The bunnies are sitting on a round cake which I hand-sculpted to give the impression of a sloping hillside. Each bunny is made of a large and small cupcake secured together with toothpicks. Tails are marshmallows and whiskers are licorice. Ears are sliced ‘milk bottle’ candy. They are covered in white icing then rolled in coconut. Not too tricky!,

Cake by Michelle F., Sea Girt, NJ

Easter Bunny Cake

, I made this cake for my son’s fifth birthday party which featured a magician. I copied ideas of Easter bunny cakes and I also made sugar cookie flavors for each child with a magic theme, rabbit-in-the-hat stars and #5.

For the cake I used a Wilton ball pan for the head and stacked four 8″ rounds to make the hat. The bunny’s head was covered in vanilla buttercream piped on with a grass tip and the hat was covered in chocolate ganache. I made the brim of the hat out of melted chocolate. I poured melted chocolate into a 12″ cake pan and let it set then cut the center out. The bunny’s ears were made out of gum paste and the whiskers were red licorice.

Cake by Marilyn L., Hialeah, FL

Easter Bunny Cake

I got the idea from Kraftfoods.com. My niece’s birthday always falls around Easter and this year she wanted a carrot cake. So I took the idea and made two Easter bunny cakes on a grassy surface. The grass was made from coconut colored with green food coloring. I also used coconut for the bunnies’ fur.

The cake was a success and she loved the theme. I add almonds to my carrot cake so before making it you should ask if someone is allergic. The smaller bunny was made with no peanuts for the allergic ones to also enjoy.

Cake by Ellen S., Thermopolis, WY

Easter Bunny Cake

First off all, don’t eat the ears, they’re frosted cardboard! I made two Easter bunny cakes. I used one 9 inch round pan for the mama and an 8 inch round for the baby. After the cakes cooled and I took them out of their pans and put them in the freezer for an hour to help with cutting and frosting.

Cut each layer in half; stand them up on a foiled cookie sheet with the flat part on the bottom. Cut a notch about 1/3 of the way up for the head and to put the ears. I used one can of frosting per bunny and then used half of another can of fluffy white to cover the bunnies and add extra fluff.

Cut ears out of cardboard, frost them and sprinkle colored sugar on them. Use jelly beans for eyes and nose. Use one large frosted marshmallow for each bunny tail. I then put coconut in a zip lock, squirted in some green food coloring and shook the bag to make instant edible grass!