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Easter/Spring Chicken Cake

I made this cake as a spring chicken cake. I used a Wilton sports ball pan. The cake itself was strawberry cheesecake flavored. Once the two halves of the ball were cooled I leveled each half and cut a small piece off the bottom half so it would sit without wobbling and topped it with the other half. I crumb coated the sphere.

Then I tinted fondant a “chick” yellow and covered the cake with it. I used large leaf shaped cutters to cut the side wings, molding them slightly upward for a more wingy shape. Beak and feet where made from orange fondant as are the eyes (small white circles with smaller darker circles inside). I used decorating tips as cutters for these. Three feathers on the top were again cut with leaf cutters then frayed each side to look feathery. I put the cake on a springy looking cake board and piped grass around the chick placing spring flower sprinkles.