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Coolest Little Owl Cake

Ok well this was a 9″ Vanilla Cake. Layered with vanilla frosting in between the layers. A pale Blue fondant was used to cover the cake. I sat it on a pink board as it was for a little girl who loved owls. I started by colouring fondant in Red and Green. I then cut circle shapes to decorate the cake. Using a caramel food colour I made the owls breast piece. I then coloured some fondant brown and again cut out a lot of circles to layer together to resemble feathers. I just used a tool to indent the breast circles. White fondant Large and small circles for the white bits of the eyes. Black medium circles for the Black part of the eyes. The branch was made of dark brown coloured fondant but roughed up to have the look of Bark. I then wired some leaves so that they would pretrude out of the branch and cake. I Then made a yellow beak that again raised from the cake and added a pink bow. A little bit of blue sparlke around the outside of the owl. Alternated the dots around the board to marry the two together. This is simple but effective using circles as the main focus of the cake. Blue Fondant was rolled into small balls and pushed to make a button shape same as the breast circles and a splash of curling ribbon gave it that sparkle all little girls love.