I made the cake with an old recipe of basic white cake, add a lemon syrup made with lemon concentrate and sugar mixture, then made a dulce de leche filing for a change. I want that pop from the lemon and the sweetness from the dulce de lecche.

I made the shoe out of gum paste 1 week prior. The flowers another story, I was trying to do some kind of flower for about a month, but I guess that I was not inspired enough until 3 days before. I figured out that regular flowers will not look good so, I opted for some ruffle type bundle that match the shoe inspiration.

I have to mention that I have no cake decorating or any professional training. I just learnt techniques from posting online and TV shows. Everyone likes the cake, how it looked and tasted. Perhaps, nobody wants me to cut it, there were some tears while I was doing it.

I enjoyed making this cake for a special client…myself! My 45th birthday celebration!