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Cool Oriental Theme Cakes

I really wanted to make a Thomas the tank engine cake for my daughters 2nd birthday . She is Thomas M-A-D! After careful consideration I decided I wasn’t up to the challenge! I opted to make a Chinese Dragon cake from the Thomas the Tank Engine books. So it was still a character from the Thomas theme just modified to fit my cake making abilities.

My daughter is also adopted from China so the theme linked well for us. I took a regular bundt cake pan; nothing too fluted and made a simple chocolate chip cake. When the cake was cool I cut it in half and made a’S’ shape out of the two pieces. I iced the cake with yellow, used an icing bag and tips for the decorations(my first ever attempt) and used crepe paper fiesta strips from Michaels (in the wrapping paper department) as the mane.

I used a large chocolate muffin for the face. It was surprisingly easy and the decoration didn’t take too long. This would also be a great fancy birthday cake for Chinese New Year! I used sparkler candles for that little bit of festivity. Everyone loved it. I lost my black icing pen so I ended up using choc chips as eyes.

Another Oriental Theme Cake

Cake by Christine T., Archbald, PA

Cool Oriental Theme Fancy Birthday Cakes

I made this cake for my daughters 16th birthday party; we had an Oriental theme.

I used two sheet cakes one larger than the other, iced with buttercream icing and flowers I made a few days before out of fondant. I rolled the fondant thin and used a very small flower cutter (from Wilton).

I wrote free hand love on the left side going down and across the bottom my daughter’s name (I have an ornament with her name in Chinese.) Everyone thought it was so beautiful they didn’t want to cut it.