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Cool Garden Scene Cakes and Lots of Awesome Cake Recipes

I made this cake for my grandpa’s 81st birthday- he loves gardening so I thought a garden cake would be a nice idea. I found cake recipes for sponge cakes and baked two square ones, cut one of them in half and placed the whole and half sponge cake together to make a rectangle. I covered this with buttercream icing then green colored home-made fondant to make the ‘grass’.

I then cut circles out of the remaining cake to make the caterpillar mushroom and large ladybird which is also covered by fondant icing. The small ladybird is made of writing icing, the flowers and leaves are made of fondant.

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Garden Scene cake recipe by Alicia H., Provo, UT

Garden Birthday Cake Picture

These cakes were for my one year old son’s birthday party. They actually turned out even better than I had hoped! I actually used Hostess Sno-balls for the cake recipes and then just star-tipped the frosting on them. It was much easier than cooking a lot of little cakes.

We used mini-M&Ms for the face of the caterpillar and for the lady bugs around in the grass. We used a grass tip for all of the grassy details and added some flowers using different star tips in different colored frosting. The base color of the cake is leaf green with Kelly green grass and the colors on the caterpillar were a mixture of different colors to get the right tones. We used mini-blow pops for the antennae and they matched so well we didn’t even cover them with anything!

For his small cake I used the same techniques as with the large one except I used mini-cupcakes for the ladybug head with a sno-ball body and a mini-cupcake for the spider. Again simple star tipping on the body and I used black licorice ropes for antennae and spider legs.

The cakes were such a hit! And so much fun to make!

Garden Scene cake recipe by Loren R., Glen Allen, VA

Garden Birthday Cake Picture

This flower garden was very easy to make! The base is just a two layer sheet cake which I made from one of my cake recipes. The fence is made from lady finger cookies cut into points on one end. The dirt is crushed Oreos. The flowers are made from inverted jumbo gum drops cut on the bottom with kitchen shears into small points. The stems are green toothpicks that have been stuck into leaf shaped gummy candy found at our local candy store (as an alternative you could use upside down green Swedish fish with the fins trimmed off for leaves).

I then added a contrasting colored piece of gum drop to the center of the “flower”.,

The garden was then decorated with various gummy worms and frogs, chocolate flowers and I even found some chocolates made to look like pebbles (also found at the candy store).

Garden Scene cake recipe by Tracy S., Austin, TX

Garden Birthday Cake Picture

I saw a similar version of flower cakes on a professional cake recipes and decorating website and loved it. For the flowers I used one cupcake for the center and surrounded it with six cupcakes for the petals. For the stems I piped out a random design with green frosting.

I covered the ladybugs with red frosting and piped out a thin black line for the back and small black dots. For the bees I covered the cupcakes with yellow and used a thicker tip to pipe out the black stripes.

It was lots of fun and super easy to make.

Garden Scene cake recipe by Lori M., Martinsburg, WV

Garden Birthday Cake Picture

I did not have cake recipes for this cake so used the pan from the Betty Crocker bake and fill to bake the ladybugs and for the daisy cupcakes the daisy leaves are made from marshmallows and a brown M&M for the center of the daisy. I used M&M’s for the eyes of the ladybugs. The head of the ladybug is the top cut off the cupcakes. They worked perfect for the head of the ladybugs!

Garden Scene cake recipe by Allison H, Wollongong, Australia

Garden Birthday Cake Picture

My daughter Lily had a butterfly theme for her first birthday party so I wanted a cake to create the mood. I thought I was creative until I did a trial run of a butterfly cake for my birthday. It was terrible and had to look for other cake recipes. I couldn’t create a butterfly cake to cater for over 100 people. I was stuck I really wanted to make my first child’s first birthday cake. I searched the net and found this cool website. I had all these wonderful ideas to work from. That is where the butterfly garden theme came in.

With the help of my lovely mother-in-law and sister this is the end result of our cake recipes. Easy simple cake mixes slapped together and decorated with what ever we felt like LOL. I made 3 large baking dish size cakes (used 3 cake mixes for each pan). As soon as I took each pan out of the oven I flattened the cake to make an even working surface.

Joined the 3 cakes together with icing pre-made from a local cake shop (it is wonderful to work with, tastes better and looks great). I added a tiny amount of sky blue color. We used sprinkles to decorate the sides of the cake and round cool fruits for a little fun color. I added rose pink color for the writing in a star piping tip. I wrote my daughters name in the same writing as her invitations.

Green icing was used for the flower stems leaves and grass. Finally adding the little ladybugs (wooden scrap booking crafts) icing flowers and butterflies bought from the cake shop. On the day of the party I added the hearts and star icing shapes on wires also bought from the cake shop. It was extremely easy to make and decorate and it was a big hit no one believed that I made it. And we had just enough cake with a couple of pieces left. It was a great day.

Garden Scene cake recipe by Jennifer L., Denmark WI

Garden Birthday Cake Picture

This birthday cake design was made from my own buttercream recipe and fondant, which I hand-painted all of the fondant. I spoke with the mother and child on what style cake they wanted and the child wanted corn stalks and a pumpkin patch. He also wanted to make sure that a tractor would be incorporated into the theme.

Once I talked with them I drew an idea they agreed with. I then thought of my color scheme. I tried to figure a neat way to incorporate the name into the cake; hence the pond. Then I added the trees to give the cake some dimension. My buttercream frosting has real butter, Crisco and almond flavoring.

This child wanted bubble gum added to the flavor, which actually wasn’t too bad! The edge was lined with rocks of various sizes and colors by using frosting with brown and black coloring. Just remember when it is a child’s cake to make the colors bright and make it FUN!

Garden Scene cake recipe by Beth W., Ft. Benning, GA

Garden Birthday Cake Picture

I made this cake for the end of the year Girl Scout party. You could use it for any occasion, such as a birthday party. It’s one of those very simple cake recipes, but the girls really loved it!

I baked a double layer vanilla sheet cake and frosted it with light blue tinted buttercream frosting. I piped out fluffy white clouds out of white buttercream, and a grassy green border using a star tip and pulling the icing up as I went. I made the flowers and sun out of fondant icing, which you can buy pre-made at any cake decorating supply store, or you can make your own. To tint the fondant you just knead in a few drops of desired food gel color. You can roll it out with a little powdered sugar and then use cookie cutters to make different flowers, butterflies, or bugs.

This is one of those cake recipes that are so easy even the kids can help!! I always give my daughter some to cut out her own fun shapes!!

Garden & Insect cake recipe by Beth W., Newport, RI

Garden Birthday Cake Picture

I made this “Bugs and Butterfly” cake for my daughter Hannah’s 5th Birthday Party. It’s one of those cake recipes that are so easy to make!!

I bought small butterfly cookie cutters and rolled out white fondant, then cut out the butterfly shapes. I then “painted” the fondant butterflies with gel food colors mixed with a few drops of water. I baked a simple tiered cake and frosted it with white buttercream icing. I piped grass borders and sprinkled brown sugar at the bottom of the cake stand to look like dirt. The different bugs were all made out of fondant icing, it works just like play-do!! Everything on the cake was edible, right down to the antennae on the ladybugs….dry angel hair pasta painted with black food gel!

Garden & Insect cake recipe by Cynthia T.

Garden and Insect Kid Birthday Cake Photo

Here’s a flower and fence cake I made for my 9 year old granddaughter. It is a 14-inch cake. I did a very smooth, yet thin covering of frosting and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator. Then, the next day, I made the fondant icing for the daisy flowers and cut them out. The fondant is two types of fondant, one is Winbeckler’s rolled buttercream, and the other was Pettinice’s. I marked the sides with my cake divider sheet, and then took it from there! It was not very hard, just time consuming. The frosting on the cake is my own.

Garden & Insect cake recipe by Ginger D., Plaucheville, LA

Garden and Insect Kid Birthday Cake Photo

My step-daughter wanted a flower cake for her birthday. I wanted something unusual so my mother-in-law and I came up with this cake.

I cooked a sheet cake. We covered the entire cake with blue icing with a little more white mixed in for the “sky”. Since it was close to Easter we were able to get pastel m&m’s to make the flowers and sun.

We added green grass and stems to complete the “picture”.

The cake was a BIG hit!

Garden & Insect cake recipe by Sheri P., Rapid City

Garden and Insect Kid Birthday Cake Photo

My daughter’s favorite song is “You Are My Sunshine” so for her 2nd birthday I decided to make her a Sunshine cake!

I made the sun in 1/2 of a sports ball pan, and the orange “rays” are triangle shaped cutout cookies. The grass portion is just the remainder of the cake batter baked in a 9×13 pan and cut to resemble a hill. The flowers, butterflies and letter in her name are also cutout cookies.

There were a couple more butterflies in the upper right, but I think my daughter grabbed some off before I took this picture! I wrapped a cake board in wax paper and frosted it sky blue for the sky portion. I used lots of vibrant pastel colors to make it very “springy” and colorful.

This is one of the easiest cake recipes and everyone loved it!