Football Cake

I decided to go with the first birthday “Little Quarterback” birthday theme from Party Express for my son’s first birthday in the Fall. The colors of the decorations were green, orange, and brown so those are the colors I pulled for the icing of the cake.

I used a Wilton’s aluminum #1 cake pan. I used two boxed cake mixes. I used canned frosting and colored it with food coloring. I first iced the entire cake a soft green color. I then added the yard lines and top border. I frosted the sides next. I added the candy cake decor footballs and candle last.

I then used the Wilton’s egg cupcake pan to make cupcakes. I frosted them brown and added detail with white icing to make them look like little footballs.

The children loved getting their own football to eat! The adults ate the large cake. I made the #1 with a yellow cake mix, but made the cupcakes with a chocolate mix.

This is a very EASY and cute cake to make.

7 thoughts on “Football Cake”

  1. This is a great idea! I had already purchased the same theme from Birthday Express and was looking for some neat ideas for cakes and I’m glad I found yours!

  2. some how we came up with the idea for sports on my son’s 1st and now the cake!! I was going crazy. I have a friend but all she has is a #1 shaped pan so this is amazing. I’m super excited. Thank you so much !

  3. I was actually looking for a cake similar to this because I just purchased my son’s first birthday stuff from birthday express HAHA as has everybody else I see. lol This is a great idea and hope you dont mind me using it too!

  4. It is hard to belive that I made this cake almost five years ago. Yes, my sweet (now middle child) will be five years old in a few more weeks. I still love looking back at the picks of his first birthday and think “Wow, I made a cute cake” LOL. I am so happy I was able to inspire so many of you and I hope all of your little ones’ 1st birthdays were as awesome as My “not so little anymore” son Jett’s was. :)


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