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Coolest All Star Cake

I made this All Star cake for my son’s 1st birthday party that was inspired by my husband’s favorite sports teams. The inside of the cake was vanilla with strawberries and Bavarian cream filling. The outside was whipped cream.

The logos were made of color flow icing and traced over parchment paper. I bought soft foam footballs from the toy section and Styrofoam balls from the craft store to use as decoration and cut some of them in half. Decorating the balls was effortless because I used toothpicks for support while frosting with royal icing. TIP: use an egg carton, turn it upside down and insert the toothpick with the frosted ball to dry.

I then airbrushed the details. Whipped cream was used for the details on the footballs. Keep the toothpick to insert into the cake when decorating. I used small oval cakes and placed them on the top right and top left corners of the cake to help support the logos. I airbrushed the cake green before decorating.

The candles were a #1 sparkle candle and another candle with all the balls of the party theme. My husband bought tiny Broncos player figures to help decorate the cake.

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  1. this was a beautiful cake. and delicious! =P
    I loved how the candles sparkled after you blew out them out. you’re very creative


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