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Cool Piglet Cakes from Winnie the Pooh

I found a picture of Piglet for my birthday cake ideas that I liked on the internet and enlarged to fit my cake board (wanted as big as I could). I then baked two sponge cakes, 12″ x 8″, and placed them into a back to front L shape. I then cut out the piglet shape from the cake and sliced in half and filled with jam and cream. I then placed back onto the cake board and started to decorate.

The icing was made from cream and food coloring. This was really easy to do and didn’t take that long to make. It was made the night before my daughter’s first birthday and when we got the cake out the next day I had noticed that the black piped icing/cream and spread a little. No one but me noticed but next time I would not put on the black piping until the day of the party.

It took around one hour to decorate plus the cooking time. The hardest part was trying to write happy birthday Ella, I tried about 10 times and in the end my husband did it.

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