Fresh Purple Yam Chiffon Birthday Cake

This is a special request from my best friend whose brother turns 48th years old.

My friend and I both wanted a cake that is made of fresh purple yam (which you can get at some oriental store) so, I made a cake called Purple Yam Chiffon cake. For the purple yam, I steamed it and mashed it like making mashed potato and it’s one of the ingredients to my cake.

For the frosting, I used my very own recipe of unsweetened Purple Yam mousse made of whipping cream, gelatine with McCormick Purple Yam flavor and no sugar.

I assembled the cake layered with purple yam mousse and use the mousse for frosting. I used a bottle of wine to decorate the cake and the grapes are from my own backyard. Then I sprinkled some grated purple yam and desiccated coconut on top and position the wine bottle and fresh grapes.

The celebrant was so overjoyed to have such a special cake on his birthday.

Birthday Cake for men

Birthday Cake for men