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85+ Coolest Homemade Gift Box Cake Ideas

Take a look at these cool homemade Gift Box cake ideas shared with us by cake decorators from around the world. Along with the birthday cakes here, you’ll also find loads DIY birthday cake-making ideas and how-to tips to inspire your next birthday cake project. Enjoy!

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Latest Gift Box Cake Ideas

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Cake by Caiti P., Wasilla, AK

Gift Box Cake

I made this gift box cake for a baby shower recently. It was supposed to be chocolate but I wanted to make it girly so I decided to add the bow made of gum paste (basically fondant). I made it a day ahead, dyed the paste pink, cut into strips and dried the loops over a broom handle to keep shape.

For the ends of the “ribbon” I dried them over the edge of the pan I was planning to use for the cake. The cake itself is two 9×9 layers of homemade Devils Food chocolate cake with a raspberry cream filling (I usually do chocolate but thought it would be a little much). The frosting is a semi-sweet chocolate ganache. It was my first time using ganache and it wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked but it was really good.

The flowers, little daisies are made of fruit by the foot. I sat eating one a while back and they had a scallop pattern. I was playing with it and found I could make a rose (different cake). They have lots of different designs now including a zig zag that make great petals and leaves. Last but now least I added a buttercream frosting border around the bottom. I’m 18, no pro, but I think this gift box cake turned out pretty good.

Cake by Surelyne L., Suwanee, GA

Gift Box Cake

I made this gift box cake from scratch for an employee’s surprise 18th birthday celebration. The bottom layer is a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate buttercream covered in chocolate fondant. The second layer is a yellow cake with raspberry filling, lemon buttercream and marshmallow fondant. The ribbons were made with chocolate fondant. There is a string of fondant pearls around the base of each cake and swirls of white buttercream. This was a big hit.

Our employee came in to work not knowing that the cake was for her celebration the next day. She liked the cake so much that she took a photo of it on her cell phone. Needless to say she was very surprised the next day!

Cake by Liz R., England

Gift Box Cake

I just made this gift box cake in a square cake tin (medium sized) with pink sponge and cream filling. I then covered it in white regalia icing, made the ribbon with red icing and cut out the spots with a small round cutter.

This was one of the first cakes I made and it was so easy and went down a treat!

Cake by Karen K., Edmonds, WA

Gift Box Cake

After making a number One cake for my son I was asked to make a number 50 for a friend’s birthday but I didn’t want to make cakes with curves without time to practice so convinced my friend I would make a gift box cake instead. I looked online for ideas and saw a few on this website that I thought I could combine with my original cake idea and came up with the final cake.

It is three layers of carrot cake sandwiched together with cream cheese frosting with added lemon juice for flavor as the fondant doesn’t taste of much. I froze the carrot cake first to make it moister on defrosting and easier to shape when I stacked the cakes and frosted with a crumb cover. I ended up putting two layers of fondant on as carrot cake is not the easiest to cover and not show through. This made the corners easier too.

Gift Box Cake

The stars are cut out using a cookie cutter and I carefully measured the ribbons to maintain the width. I stuck everything on with water and a pastry brush. To keep the loops in the ribbon I rolled paper and left it inside the curves until the fondant dried and hardened (it didn’t take very long). The carrot cake recipe comes from The Joy of Cooking and is wonderful with crushed pineapple in to keep it moist. I avoided the nuts in case of allergies and to make the cake easier to cut and shape. I adapted the frosting recipe from The Joy of Cooking too by omitting the vanilla and using lemon juice instead and less powdered sugar. The fondant is pre made and bought at the store. I colored it with Wilton coloring- you only need the tiniest amount and use gloves to knead it evenly into your frosting.

Altogether this gift box cake took about five and a half hours to bake, assemble, frost and decorate. I hope the recipient likes it!