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Coolest Gift-Wraped Box Birthday Cake

It’s my friends birthday and I wanted to make her a cake so I decided on a present cake. I only made a small round cake and when cold I filled with jam and butter cream. I then covered in butter cream and placed in the freezer to chill. Meanwhile I colored some roll out icing in blue and when the cake was chilled I covered the whole cake. I set aside to harden for a few hours.

Now I had to make it look like there was a lid on so I rolled out a long strip of the same color icing about 4mm thick. Cut it to the size I wanted and wet the icing around the top edge of the cake with a little water before attaching the strip to the top edge of the cake and then using my smoother tool I smoothed all the edges around the top if the cake.

I now rolled out some white icing for the ribbon and using an impression mat made a pattern on the icing and cut it into strips the size I wanted and lay them one by one across the cake and attached them using a little water cutting excess icing off at base of cake.

I now made two loops the same size for the bow and placed some kitchen paper in the loops so they dried like a bow. I attached two strips of icing for the tails to the cake and then attached the two loops still with the paper inside them and made the centre of the bow being a small strip of icing and cut it to size. To finish the cake off I made a tag out of flower paste and wrote a message on it using an edible food color pen. To finish off I took the paper out of the loops on the bow and the cake is now finished.

I loved the end result and hope she did. The finished cake picture look a totally different color, I had to ask my friend to send me a picture as I forgot to take one.

Coolest Gift-Wraped Box Birthday Cake

Coolest Gift-Wraped Box Birthday Cake

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