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Groovy Disco Dance Floor Cake

I am always trying to bite off more than I can chew when it comes to creating cakes for my children’s birthday parties.  This party was no exception!  My daughter wanted to have a disco party, so I vowed to recreate the 70’s disco club in my home and create a disco dance floor cake,  crazy enough to please her carefree style.

I started with a 9 inch square pan. For this cake I wanted a little bit of height, so I baked 3 layers. I learned fast that it is VERY hard to assemble a 3 layer cake if the layers are each 2 inches thick!!  I had to trim the layers down just a bit.  I layers the cakes with frosting in between and let them sit for a little bit.

My next step was to frost the entire cake so I could begin to create the dance floor. I measured the top of my cake and then cut a black piece of sugar paper to fit perfectly. I then took a white sheet of sugar paper and cut it slightly smaller than the black piece and set it aside. Then I began the painful (yes painful) task of cutting 1 inch X 1 inch squares out of fruit by the foot rolls.  After I cut out what seemed like thousands of them, I layed them on the white sugar paper and began to attach them using my finger dampened with water.  It took forever!!

When the entire dance floor was layed out, I attached it to the black sugar paper with a very small spot of frosting in each corner.

Then I needed a way to be able to make my silhouettes of dancers stand up. For this I took a plastic cake support and pushed it through the dance floor VERY carefully and through the entire cake, letting it stick up from the top of the cake about 3 inches. Then I covered the cake support with white fondant. The silhouettes of the dancers were cut out of black sugar paper (I printed the image off the computer, put it over the sugar paper and used small unused manicure scissors to cut it out) and I used a small spot of frosting to attached them to the white column I now had in the center of the dance floor.  I used 4 silver cake “decoration wires” to hang sugar paper stars I had cut out with cookie cutters.

I wanted to keep the focus on the dance floor so I found candy decorations that matched my dance floor and added some around the sides of the cake.

My daughter was flipping out when she saw the cake. She put on her wig, disco clothes and began dancing in the kitchen. It was an awesome party. The kids had a great time and they all talked about the cake well after they were done eating it!

Groovy Disco Dance Floor Cake

Groovy Disco Dance Floor Cake