Simplest Hello Kitty Cake Idea

This Hello Kitty cake was as simple to make as it looks.

To build it, I placed a 9″ round cake on top of 16 inch round cake.

The bottom cake was chocolate with strawberry-banana cream filling. The sides were covered with a mixture of crushed cereal and brown sugar to look like sand. The top was covered with whip n top cream and blue food coloring to look like beach water and sand.

The top cake was a french vanilla cake with strawberry-banana cream filling topped with a thin buttercream coat and covered with fondant.

The face was made with cut outs that I purchased at Walmart. The cut out was actually an entire piece with clear plastic in between that positioned the face and bow together, but I didn’t like the way it looked so I cut it up to make them individual pieces.

Everybody loved the cake! The kids were so excited they would not stop asking if I really made it.

It was the simplest cake I have ever made!

Simplest Hello Kitty Cake Idea

Simplest Hello Kitty Cake Idea