Homemade Hat/Bonnet 89th Birthday Cake

This cake I made for my mother on her 89th birthday, I wanted it to be special for her it was so big that I think it over whelmed her, my mother suffers from dementia and doesn’t remember like she used too but the pictures of the cake helps bring back just a small amt at the time.  I know that if she could remember she surley wouldn’t foget. The cake was made of cho, and strawberry.  I used a 12x18x2 ‘ for the base and a center fill cake pan round for the cake hat. the icing was royal icing I made, it seemed to put a shin on the cake and I was really pleased with the way it turned out. I made fondant flowers and ruffle for the hat, and instead of putting Happy on the cake I put Hatty for the finishing touch.  lots of excitment filled the room on this very special day and even though it only lasted until my mother lay down to rest for the night. she remembered the excitement for the moment. It was all worth it.

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