My mother loved Dooney and Bourke purses so I decided to make this purse birthday cake in her honor. The cake is 2 13x9x2″ yellow cakes filled with Swiss meringue butter cream.  I then cut the cake in thirds and filled and stacked the layers. I carved the cake using a picture of a Dooney and Bourke purse I found online. This was the hardest part for me. I almost gave up and smashed the cake because the shape was not turning out like I hoped. But I pushed passed and continued on. On a side note I must say that I had a pretty bad tummy ache by the time I was done because I couldn’t stop eating the scraps!

Decorating the Purse Birthday Cake

I then crumb coated with vanilla butter cream and covered with fondant. I made all the “metal” pieces using gum paste and an extruder. Then I painted them with gold disco dust mixed with lemon extract. I added detail with a Wilton stitch embosser and brushed some white petal dust into the lines to make the stitching stand out.

I decided to put my mother’s monogram on the label instead of Dooney and Bourke because I thought it would give it a more personal touch. In addition, I also added a small breast cancer ribbon charm hanging from the zipper. I struggled with the zipper and tried a few different things that did not turn out at all.

My husband helped brainstorm (which was fun to get him involved) and I ended up just using a clean zipper and pressing it into the fondant to make an impression. Then I painted it with gold disco dust and made a pull tab out of gum paste. I think the addition of the zipper really took this cake to another level. I almost left it off because I struggled so much but I’m glad I figured it out. Also, I added a yellow rose made from gum paste because my mother also loved yellow roses.

This is my first sculpted cake and only the third I have made using fondant and I am extremely proud of it. I really think my mother would have loved it and I hope you enjoy looking at it. I am also excited because after my husband saw what I did with this cake he seems excited as well and on board with my dream of starting a cake business!!