Homemade Walking Dead Cake!

For my step-son’s 13th birthday, he wanted a walking dead cake. I had no clue what the Walking Dead was so of course, I had to do some research on this show. All I came up was they were zombie looking creatures and a scary looking door. So, I thought I would go with the door. Not knowing anything about the show, I had my step-son, replay the first episode, the scene with the door was only in that episode. Once I saw the episode, the making of the cake began.

I, of course decided on a sheet cake, double layer. I frosted the cake with an off white butter cream to give it a much older look to it. The door was a double door so I needed to split it down the middle. It was actually a hospital door and behind the door were these zombies that were trying to break through the locked door. So, I needed a padlock, which was made out of fondant along with a link chain, which was also made of fondant, tinted grey. It looked pretty good, but we knew we had to add the fingers of the zombies that were trying to break free, so once again, I used fondant to make the fingers and tinted them skin tone and placed them in the crack of the door. Although it looked good as it was, the extra touch was to use a red spray mist on the fingers and in between the door to give it a blood look. With a few extra dirty looking prints on the door the cake was done and my step-son loved it!

But what was more interesting and exciting was it just happened to be the season finale of Season 4 the same night, so it was very appropriate. As they sat to watch the show, enjoying their cake, my husband, posted the cake on the show’s fan page, and it received 200 likes within the first 5 minutes and about 1,231 likes overall. I thought that was so cool.
I really enjoyed making this cake. It was fun and even a little bit creepy.