Ice Cream Fashion Cake for Mall Scavenger Hunt

My daughter was having a Mall scavenger hunt for her 12th birthday and when I asked her what kind of cake she wanted she said “surprise me”. So, I came up with a Fashion Cake Idea. I usually make ice cream cakes for my kids because they prefer them to regular cake or cupcakes. The only request she had was that it was mint chocolate chip flavored.

To make the cake I used 2 containers of store bought mint chocolate chip ice cream and 1 container of store bought vanilla ice cream. I lined the round cake pans with plastic wrap and softened the mint ice cream just enough to be able to mold it into cake pans. I put them back into the freezer to harden the ice cream.

After the cakes refroze I took the bottom layer out of the pan and covered the top of it with chocolate syrup and chocolate crunchies.  The only place I could find the chocolate crunchies was to go to the local ice cream shop that makes cakes and buy a small cup of them.  Nothing comes close to the “real” ice cream crunchies, my kids would say.   I put the top cake layer on and back in the freezer to harden again.  I softened the vanilla ice cream just enough to be able to frost the entire cake.   I had to work pretty quickly at this point so the “frosting” didn’t melt too much and drip down the cake or mix with the mint ice cream.  Back in the freezer one more time to harden.

Now the part I really enjoy.  I used colored rolled fondant to make the pink and purple purse, the dress and makeup brush decorations.  I sprinkled the makeup brush with red color dust. I used white rolled fondant for the other purse and then painted it with blue color dust. I mixed cake frosting with blue coloring and used a #5 tip to trim the bottom and middle. I used the same frosting to do the happy birthday writing. I then put blue sparkled sprinkles around the cake.

Right before serving the cake I attached the fondant decorations with cake frosting and added the non- edible blue pearl necklace.  My daughter was very happy she could keep the necklace.

The cake was a big hit at her party.  The girls first wanted to try to taste the fondant decorations!  I warned them the cake would taste much better.

Ice Cream Fashion Cake for Mall Scavenger Hunt

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