Coolest Purse Mother’s Day Cake

My daughter inspired me to make this homemade purse Mother’s Day cake. I was going to go to our local bakery to buy a Mother’s Day cake when she suggested I try.

We used a 9’ springform pan and a box of white cake mix. We chopped up some fresh strawberries and placed them in the mix. Once we baked we chilled the cake for decorating. We removed the cake from it’s pan and cut it right down center in half, we frosted one cake and placed the other on top, then placed in freezer so it can stick together.

I then removed it from the freezer and frosted the entire cake using a store bought tub of vanilla frosting in which I added lemon zest and juice to give the frosting a fresh taste (we also tinted pink). We placed the cake back into the fridge to let it harden, removed and frosted again.

To create the handles I used white melting chocolate, I placed a handful of melting white chocolate in a zip lock bag, placed in microwave for about 45 seconds or till all chocolate was melted smooth. Snipped the tip of the bag and drizzled in circles with layers in the shape of a handle on wax paper. I placed the wax paper into the freezer so the handles would harden, once the handles hardened I was able to place on top of the cake.

I created a few designer labels with purple melted chocolate, using the same method as mentioned above with the zip lock back and wax paper. The corners of the cake on the bottom are made with marshmallow fondant. The white diamond is solid white chocolate made with a mold I have at home.

All in all, we had a lot of fun and the ladies the next morning at our family Mother’s Day party enjoyed it very much.

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