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Coolest Artis Palette Kid Birthday Cake Ideas

My daughter was having her sixth birthday at the Art House. So I decided to make a painter’s palette as a kid birthday cake. I found a palette in the clip art on my computer. I enlarged it to fit on a 9×13 cake. I made a white cake mix and poured it in the pan. I added food coloring to the cake mix to make it rainbow colors. I baked the cake as directed.

Once the cake was baked and cooled I turned it onto a cake board. I put the cake in the freezer for a couple of hours. Then I used the palette template that I made from clip art and cut off the access cake. I bought white and brown butter cream from my local grocery store bakery. I iced the cake brown. I added color to the white icing to make the paint.

More Artist Palette Kid Birthday Cake Ideas

Cake by Karin D., Tolland, CT

Artist Palette Kid Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted an art party for her 8th birthday so we constructed this artist palette kid birthday cake out of cupcakes.

Cake by Jennifer E., Colorado Springs, CO

Artist Palette Kid Birthday Cake

My sister-in-law just graduated from college with her Bachelor’s in Art and I wanted to make something fun for her. I found this idea on another website for a kid birthday cake and thought I’d try it.

I baked an 8″ round, cooled and then refrigerated. After about an hour I carved the cake using a melon scooper to carve out the thumb hole and crumb coated with icing. After another hour or two in the fridge I completed icing the cake. I used decorating gel tubes for the color palette. I then used black Twizzlers for the paint brush. To make the brush tip I fringed cupcake cups cut off the tip of the Twizzlers and stuck them in the opening.,